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The Delaware County Historical Society is pleased to be able to preserve these historic buildings in Delaware County. We are even more pleased to open them for community access. They are part of the rich heritage of Delaware County Ohio. The Meeker Homestead comprises the Forrest Meeker House and The Garth Oberlander Barn (The Barn at Stratford). Here you can learn about our historic buildings and the long history they share.

Historic Buildings - Garth Oberlander Barn - The Barn at Stratford - Event Venue - Delaware, Ohio

The Garth Oberlander Barn

The stone-end bank barn was built two stories tall and the main portion measures 84′ by 36′. It is a fine example of a Sweitzer Forebay barn, a type traditionally associated with the middle Atlantic area of early America, specifically Pennsylvania.

The foundation and stone end walls were laid of squared and coursed limestone rubble from the plentiful deposits of limestone at and near the surface in the immediate area and visible at the banks of the nearby river.

The massive timber structural elements, many of which can easily be seen from inside the barn, are the hand-hewn products of the first-growth surrounding forest, which was being cleared at a rapid pace at that time.

The roof, now covered with standing seam metal from the late nineteenth century, was originally of wood shingles.

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Historical Buildings - Stratford Mill - The Barn at Stratford - Event Venue - Delaware Ohio

The Meeker House

The two story brick house was built overlooking the river and is an excellent example of an early Federal style “I house”, a simple form that was a rectangular two story house with a gabled roof. They normally had two rooms down and two rooms up, with the entrance hall and stairs in the middle, and chimneys at either end.

The 200-year-old house remains in a remarkable state of preservation, inside and out. The windows and doors are mostly original to the construction, and the interior woodwork is walnut, painted in the formal parts of the house. The recesses surrounding the fireplaces have original wood cabinetry with paneled doors and trim, and the floors in the old portions of the house are original ash planking.

The Forrest Meeker House, one of the oldest and most prominent historic buildings in Delaware County, is now a fine educational museum. The Meeker Homestead Museum hosts an exhibit about the early settlement of Delaware County and changing feature exhibits.

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