The Barn at Stratford welcomed a new arrival, a beautiful wood gazebo which will soon make the perfect focal point for Barn Weddings. The gazebo will reside among the six lush acres of lawn, flowers and ancient trees.
Gazebo - Barn Weddings - The Barn at Stratford - Event Venue - Delaware Ohio

What is a Gazebo

Merriam-Webster defines Gazebo as “a freestanding roofed structure usually open on the sides” but it’s more than that. Merriam-Webster also notes it likely origin combining gaze + Latin -ebo (as in videbo I shall see) and the word’s first use in 1752. The structure traditionally provides a cool, protected place from which to enjoy splendid views of landscapes and gardens.

History of Gazebos

While gazebos may be traced back 5000 years to the ancient civilization of Egypt. Egyptian royalty had them from which to view their magnificent gardens. In the later Roman Empire, gazebos were built on cliffs and hillsides for viewing the vast expanses, or over streams to provide a cool rest.

Some credit the first use of the word Gazebo to William Halfpenny in his book entitled “New Designs for Chinese Temples” around 1752.

American art and cinema are filled with images of gazebos:

  • Couples meeting, singing, and dancing in gazebos,
  • Bands playing patriot tunes in gazebos,
  • Couples getting married in gazebos,
  • Parents watching their children from gazebos,
  • Elders reminiscing in gazebos.

A Welcome Addition

A Gazebo is often the focal point of a gathering especially a happy celebration.  The Delaware County Historical Society is pleased to be able to save this precious building from destruction.  It will soon be available to enhance generations of events at The Barn at Stratford.


2690 Stratford Rd.
Delaware, OH 43015