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The Barn at Stratford Style Photo Gallery

The Style Photo Gallery presents to you a variety of decorating styles and ideas for your consideration in planning you event.  There is an incredibly wide variety of decorating ideas and options.  Plan your decorating within your choice of style, color, effort/budget.


We use style to comprise ideas such as: Formal, Casual, Rustic, Beach, Elegant, Fanciful, Playful, Solemn.  Think about the words that you would use to describe the tone of your event and you will be defining the event’s style.


Some styles imply their own colors, like at “White Wedding” or a “Black Tie Affair”, but most styles leave open the choice of colors in the decor and in participant dressing.  There are warm colors (such as Orange, Yellow, Red) and cool colors (Blue, White Black).


Effort and Budget are often tied together; you can spend money to purchase creative decorating with little effort, or you can use effort and creativity in place of a larger budget

The Barn at Stratford Barn Wedding Style

Formal style with white linens and crystal